Currently Rehearsing: The world-premiere of Christina Quintana's play, 'Scissoring', at INTAR Theatre.


Summer 2017 | 'Macbeth' w/New York Classical Theatre (Rosse) | Director: Stephen Burdman


I love playing roles traditionally played by men, and am grateful to Stephen for taking a chance on a new New Yorker!

We met at his EPA earlier this year, and I am thrilled to join the ranks of a company that provides free, accessible Shakespeare to residents & tourists.

It's rare that your resume reflects your politics, and this production is special in that way: I'm passionate about playing men's roles and more equitable dispersal of roles between genders, and I believe more theatre should be free & accessible to anyone! 

Costume Rendering: Sarita Fellows

Costume Rendering: Sarita Fellows

Winter 2017 | 'Sight Unseen' with New Light Theater Project

In the sizzling second scene, Jonathan is being interviewed in the art gallery by an intensely unflappable German critic named Grete (Ally Carey) [...] The razor-sharp dialogue keeps the audience raptly attentive
— Diana Mott for ZealNYC
Ally Carey, who makes the most of only two scenes and a persuasive Teutonic accent
— Edward Karamfor Off Off Online